Friday Fave – The 21st Century

Four years ago, we purchased a burgundy phone that matched the size and thickness of a deck of cards.

Last year, for my birthday, I chose an ipad2 over a smart phone.

This week, however, I made the smart decision to roll into the 21st century with Siri by my side. To think! I can spout out commands and the only response I hear is, “I can do that for you, Cathy.” If only Siri did housework.

If you have a favorite iPhone app, I’d love to hear about it!

Praises and Pink Tutu’s

As you know, our oldest son, Brandon, and his wife, Megan, are adopting a little boy from Uganda. Thank you for the many prayers you’ve offered up on their behalf. Many of you have asked about an update, so here’s Megan latest. Click here to join in the praise!
It’s no secret that our youngest son, Zach, and his wife, Sarah, are BIG USCS fans (my dad, a Clemson grad, can’t help but wonder where he went wrong. LOL!) — and now, it seems that Piper is also pretty in pink…and garnet (check out the shoes!)

And one last adorable picture of daddy and daughter:

The Sweet Melody of Prayer

Music stirs my soul into a divine frenzy.
Rarely do I drive without it—especially on the Sunday mornings. But this wasn’t the case yesterday.
Music was playing when I cranked ‘ol faithful (’99 CRV) but I quickly punched the knob to turn it off when I felt impressed to pray for Brian (who played at our Cherrydale campus), for Brandon (leading worship in Ohio), and for specific members of our family. 
Within a couple blocks, I began praying for a friend’s daughter, uncertain of her needs, but certain of the One who did. 
A mile down the road, a man in our life group who just had heart surgery came to mind as I passed his daughter’s sub-division.
A few minutes later, I passed our former church — praying God’s blessings, discernment, and glory to fall upon that place. 
Drawing closer to Summit Church, I prayed for the ladies study on Tuesday night, asking God to keep us focused on Him…and not our space, or lack thereof. More ladies have decided to join us in the past week. Praising God, and trusting Him too. 
As I pulled into a parking space, the silence caught me off guard. I’d not turned the radio on! No music had played—or had it?

“What am I to do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray with my
mind also; I will sing praise with my spirit, but I will sing with my
mind also.” 1 Corinthians 14:15 ESV
 Oh, the sweet melody of prayer!

Rhyme and Reason

Four years ago today, I posted my first blog. I had no idea what I would write, or quite frankly, who would care. It was a bit overwhelming until a blogging-guru buddy shared this piece of advice: Write as if you’re sitting across the table from a friend with a cup of coffee in hand. Now that, I could do.

While much has changed since pouring the first cup, my blog design has not — that is, until today!

I wanted something fresh, whimsical, and meaningful. Searching for the perfect title helped me tap into the very reason for this blog’s existence: to glorify Christ through my love of words, each birthed and measured by the one true Word, whether it be poetry or prose.

When the answer came, it hit hard and fast at our Word Weavers’ breakfast. Thankfully, a plate of grits with two slaps of butter were waiting to soften its blow. Within seconds of my blurting out Rhyme and Reason, Edie suggested I capitalize “SON” in the word “reason.” (Thank you!)

From there, Brian created the illustration and brought it to life, as you can see from above. (You’re amazing, Brian!)

While there are days I still struggle to hit “Publish”, there are few places I’d rather be than sitting here, across from you, with coffee in hand.

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