Fall Decorating – 16 Ideas!

When I jotted down these fall ideas for this month’s challenge awhile back, this idea made the cut.

My plans included a walk through my yard, a pair of clippers, and lots of photos. But the weather has a way of changing things up, much like the seasons.

So I took to the internet to find ideas much more creative than I could ever dream up — and while there were many, none quite compared to this recent post on Houzz.

In Laura Gaskill’s article, Decorating With Nature in Fall and Winter, she shares sixteen unique and creative ideas, like this one with the clipped branches from a sugar maple tree. It serves to celebrate the season in all its glory like none other. Even the fallen leaves on the floor add to the celebration!

Other natural items used in the article above are feathers, branches (with lights — love!), leaves for natural fall garlands, etc.

Stop by and take a look! All the ideas are on one page so there’s no irritating pauses between clicks.




Transitional Staircase by Rockport Architects & Building Designers Priestley + Associates Architecture

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