Coming Full Circe

This weekend we celebrated the BIG 5-0 birthday of a crazy dear friend, Kevin. In lieu of gifts, we were asked to bring a card expressing what we appreciate most about him. 
It was one of the easiest cards I’ve ever written. 
Several years ago, he and his a-mazing wife, Carolyn, were in a Bible study I co-led during one of the morning services at Crossroads. I’ll never forget how his eyes lit up when I announced we’d probably stay in the book of John for a year. Kevin didn’t simply attend a Bible study, he came anticipating God to teach him of Himself. Light bulbs often sizzled above his Rod Stewart doo as newly discovered truths came to life. His zeal for the Word ignited something within us all. 
Fast forward four years. We found ourselves at different churches…until Brian and I joined Summit Upstate in 2012, where Kevin and Carolyn were already members. Care to guess who became our small group leader? Yep! The guy with the studded 5-0 glasses, birthday sash, and pink cords. (You know you love them, Carolyn!) 
Brian and I could not ask for more godly, transparent, and Christ-focused leaders than Kevin and Carolyn Kennedy. 
So you see why the words flowed with such ease as I took pen to paper before the weekend celebration. How often in life does God not only allow paths to cross again, but to also come full circle?
Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. 
Rom. 12:11
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