Top 5 Favorites on My Beach List

As a professed list-addict, I begin preparing for our family beach trip weeks in advance. Below are the top five favorite things you’ll find on this year’s beach list:

  1. Books: (1) Call of a Coward by Marcia Moston, won 1st Place in the Women of Faith Writing Contest. Marcia is in our Upstate Fellowship of Christian Writer’s Group and I’m proud to call her “friend”. (2) Rooms by James L. Rubart. I had the pleasure of meeting Jim at BRMCWC and look forward to turning the pages while sipping on frozen lemonade!
  2. Games: Our family loves games—card, board, outdoor—makes no difference. Cranium is a classic at our house. Where else can you see grown men acting out a blossoming flower?
  3. Gadget: I’m excited about trying out my non-glare Kindle screen, but it’s my iPod I can’t leave behind. Flashback…
  4. Edible: Stevia. Yes, Stevia. Needless to say, we’re buying groceries there, but this sweetener goes everywhere with me these days. Splenda has been banished from the Baker household! Stevia is both a sweeter (I use less) and healthier choice.
  5. Non-edible: My reading glasses—how else can I can enjoy my #1 favorites? 🙂

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