Three Things to Remember During Your Church Search

Searching for a new church home is rarely easy, but as our ten month journey comes to a close, I discovered a few “to-do’s” that helped me stay focused and open to God’s leading:
  • Stay spiritually alert. Laziness has a way of creeping in the back window and snuggling up to our strongest spiritual pursuits when church life is turned upside down. I was hit broadside by a temptation that almost kept us from visiting the very church God led us to join. Looking back, I now see where a lack of discipline on my part unlocked the window, inviting laziness to dull my discernment.
  • Seek out community. Don’t wait for it to land in your lap. While in between churches it’s all too easy to lose contact with others. Staying connected, whether it’s over the phone or a cup of coffee, is vital. Make the effort.
  • Be grateful. The Body of Christ is a magnificent living, breathing, family. Yes, we’re all a mess but we are a beautiful mess in the eyes of our Father. While visiting churches, I encourage you to see each one as an extension of your family — and allow the spirit of gratitude to bubble up. If you’re not welcomed as expected, give grace. (Thankfully, with Sally at Summit’s doors, this is never an issue.) If you sense a pastor or person is struggling, be slow to complain and quick to pray.
We visited many wonderful churches and we thank God for those He allowed us to meet in the process. At Rocky Creek in particular, I met women who are sure to be friends regardless of where we belong. Now that’s the Body of Christ!
In the end, Brian and I felt led to become team members at Summit Church. We look forward to becoming more deeply connected through life groups, serving, and the teaching of God’s Word.
If you’re currently searching for a new church, I welcome the opportunity to pray for you. Feel free to email me or leave a comment. Blessings!

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