My Idea of Adventure is Your Gain – Starbucks Card Giveaway!

by Cathy Baker

I want to be adventurous. I really do. 

I look at my friends and wish I could live vicariously through them but the truth is, my idea of adventure is trying a new latte flavor at Starbucks. Sad, I know.

Today I asked the Barista to create a short Toasted Graham Latte instead of my normal Skinny Vanilla Latte. I knew I was in trouble (Weight Watchers point-wise) when she swirled a bit of whip cream on top and sprinkled tiny bits of graham cracker on top, but I gulped it down took one for the team, and let me just say…it was worth every single point. Yum to the max, my friend! 

Fall is the perfect season for us to venture out — turning onto an unknown back road, taking up a new hobby, or going to a place we’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t. Or, for the more adventurous at heart, trying a new Fall flavor latte at Starbucks.  🙂

Now there’s no way I could tempt you with such a delight without offering an opportunity to win a cup of your own, so simply fill in the blank below via the comment section, and you’ll be signed up for a random drawing being held Wednesday, October 14th. 

(If you’re not a Google user and it shows as Anonymous, please FB message me or email me via the button on my side bar so I’ll have your address if you’re the winner!) 

Just one more way to love, love, love this spectacular season.

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