My Friday Fave – Creating Inspiring Work Spaces

The view was spectacular, the home historical, but it was Carl Sandburg’s corner office upstairs that captured this writer’s heart. I pictured him at work in the wee hours of the morning, wielding his wordsmith weaponry on a black typewriter that sat atop an apple crate turned sideways.

The details of his work space both inspired and intrigued me. What writing utensil did he reach for first? How did he organize the slew of paper filling the slots that surrounded his worn wooden desk? What rituals did he practice, if any, before his fingertips began tapping the keys?

We can learn much from studying the surroundings of those who are successful and it’s for this reason I snatch up every issue of Where Women Create…Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women.

The Nov/Dec/Jan 2012 issue is no exception. If viewing organized, creative, and successful work spaces inspire you, be sure to pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble.

Photo courtesy of fatquartershop.com

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