Staying in Step with the Spirit Via A Soul Search

by Cathy Baker

{ Day 7 }

When three people tell you within a two month period that you’re being too hard on yourself, God may be up to something. 

Perfectionism has been my enemy for as long as I can remember. You wouldn’t recognize this tendency if you visited my home or caught sight of my unruly brows but it’s there nonetheless. It established patterns of procrastination behind my back, paralyzing me to move forward in certain areas of my life. 

Can you relate? 

Perhaps it’s because I’m still a WIP (work in progress) that I gravitate towards godly women with a wise perspective, like Ginger Harrington. I had the opportunity to meet Ginger at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference in May and now she’s also a fellow #write31days participant. When I read her post Soul Search: Why Are You So Hard On Yourself? from Monday, I had to share it here, with you. Prepare to be blessed!

Ginger Harrington’s 31 Day series

Ginger’s theme for October is Soul Strength and you’ll not want to miss a post via Ginger’s Corner.

Staying in Step With The Spirit: When we choose to see ourselves as God sees us, we are strengthened by truth — and truth never fails to draw us closer to God. 

Heavenly Father, thank You for the “wide fields of grace” You provide for us to run free and forgiven in Your presence. Help us to stand firm in the truth that when You see us, You see Jesus—the only Perfect one.




For it is God’s loving soul search that sets us free to run forgiven in wide fields of grace. -Ginger Harrington

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