Feed Your Creativity! Collage Your Creative Dream

by Cathy Baker

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you’ll especially benefit from this Artist Date with your creative self. There’s no right way to do this so relax and have fun!

You’ll need:

  • Poster board (I purchased the 1/4″ thicker type)
  • Magazines (my favorite part)
  • Scissors
  • Two-sided tape or glue stick

And now for the fun part:

“Collage your creative dream. This exercise is a potent form of prayer. Working with a dozen or so magazines, tear out images that speak of your dream. Paste these images on a sheet of poster board. Add a photo of yourself. Place the photo centrally, surrounded by images of your creative dream. This is a visual prayer. It is very powerful, as it bypasses our rational mind and its resistance. Seeing is believing!” -Julia Cameron, The Miracle of the Artist’s Date.

This is a visual reminder of your dreams, goals, and priorities. A few years ago, Carolyn Knefley, of Christian Communicators, taught me how to create my own storyboard:


It’s your story, your dream. Create what you sense God is calling you to do, and perhaps most importantly, who He is calling you to be. In addition to images, I included scripture references as well as biblical reminders. If you look closely, you’ll see the image of a man scattering seeds in the center of my board. This image stands to remind me that my responsibility is to live in response to the Gospel of Christ, allowing it to penetrate everything I do and say, and write.

Where the seeds take root and flourish is of God’s choosing. It’s all Him, not me. It’s, for this reason, it remains center stage.

What do you see taking center stage on your storyboard?

I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. 1 Corinthians 3:6 ESV

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Thank you for sharing the two most precious commodities with me — your time and your thoughts.

God bless you! I look forward to our 2012 journey.

– image courtesy of IHRG

A Storyboard for Inspiration!

In addition to being part of my local Word Weavers group, I’m extremely blessed to be one of the “4 Corners” in a small writer’s accountability/critique group.

Carolyn, one of the three amazing “corners”, challenged us to create our own storyboards (or purpose boards) as a visible tool for inspiration.

My storyboard actually begins at the bottom, to illustrate foundational truths for my writing. First, an image of the woman at Jesus’ feet, to always remind me where my journey began. It’s also foundational for me to keep my “spiritual tank” full. How can I share it from an empty one?

The picture of the waiting room reminds me that there is a purpose in the waiting. And, I must be patient and willing to wait for God’s timing.

Mid-way up the poster, I have pictures of pure inspiration that include places we’ve visited (Lake Lure, Carl Sandburg’s home, Thomas Wolfe’s home, etc), pictures of flowers from our garden, my grandmother’s house, and a picture of a sower sowing seed smack dab in the center of the poster to remind me that everything is written to be done so with the mindset of sowing God’s seed and bringing Him alone glory.

At the top, you’ll find pictures of what I pray the result of my writing to be, beginning with an act of worship. Also, that my writing will have a divine ripple effect much like a pebble being tossed into the water. One quote completes the board: “Write so that heaven is different.” – Lee Roddy. Thankfully, the results are all in God’s hands and out of mine.

I feel incredibly blessed to share my little corner of the world with such amazing women like Carolyn, Cynthia, and Beth. Thank you, friends!

So, how could you use a storyboard to get those creative juices flowing?


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