25 Things to Pray for This Summer

25 Ways to Pray This Summer

Summer delivers sunshine and sweet tea but it can also present specific prayer needs.

Children are out of school, parents are working from their homes with children who are happy to be out of school (which is a whole different kind of happy!), and the hustle and bustle of summer life is cranking up.


So what better time to set prayers into motion?


Here are twenty-five prayer opportunities for our summer in no particular order. (Click here to download a PDF copy of the list below.)


  • To create meaningful memories with family.
  • For strangers we spot in the park.
  • Physical protection over our families.
  • Spiritual refreshment for our pastors and their families.
  • Wisdom for ways to bless a neighbor, UPS driver, postal carrier.
  • Men, women, and children on the mission field.
  • Spiritual revival in our hearts.
  • Spiritual revival in our families.
  • Spiritual revival in our country.
  • Opportunities to offer hospitality… to strangers.
  • Wisdom to simplify life.
  • How to be intentional in finding ways to serve others.
  • A desire to eat healthier.
  • A desire to move the body.
  • As you take a summer stroll around the neighborhood, pray for different neighbors each time.
  • For those who work in the heat.
  • For school teachers to have a refreshing summer.
  • For creativity to flourish.
  • To be more intentional in making the most of opportunities.
  • For those who live in areas directly affected by hurricanes.
  • For discernment in knowing how to build margin into our days.
  • To see interruptions as God’s opportunities.
  • To savor the season. If we learned anything from 2020 it’s that we can’t take tiny joys for granted.
  • To embrace rest — spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
  • Safe travels.

(Click here to download a PDF copy of the list above.)

So, what are your plans for the summer? Do you have a prayer idea to share? We’d love to know!


Additional resource:

How to Pray for Your Kids this Summer by Sam Crabtree


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