My Friday Faves

It’s plural today—and for good reason.

Both Brian and my favorite organizational guru friend will be proud of me as I get back on track with organizing my house.

Okay, some would argue that I’ve never seen, heard, or even know what that track looks like, but the point is: I’m not giving up!

Sage Cohen’s The Productive Writer (a must have for every writer!) + Target’s new filing system + my renewed desire to organize my house, time, and energy = Friday’s faves for sure.

First Draft Tips

“I always do first drafts of my poems on yellow paper. Because yellow paper means it is just a draft, I am much braver and more wild than I would be on white paper. Those yellow-paper scribbles make me more free than I would be on the computer where everything looks like a final copy.” – Penelope Scambly Schott

Sage Cohen shares the above quote in her book The Productive Writer, in addition to these timely tips for creating first drafts:

Use a special font for first drafts that feels friendly and fun.
Choose a color paper that makes you feel courageous, whether you’re writing by hand or printing them from your computer.
Experiment with inputs and context such as location, music, lighting, time of day, writing medium (such as pen and paper vs. computer) to get yourself in the mood. (Sage shares that she often starts something in a cafe or in bed, two low-pressure environments where she feels relaxed and comfortable. Her serious work can be found at her desk.)

Simple yet effective tips—especially for those of us with an unrelenting and may I add—very annoying “inner editor”.

Thanks (again) Sage!

Now What?

Attend conference ✓
Arrive home primed to write ✓
Reality hits ✓

Now what?

“The Productive Writer” by Sage Cohen to the rescue!

One of my favorite tips in this small practical to-the-point guide:

Keep a separate file for each of the following categories that pertain to your writing and publishing goals. Every day, be on the lookout for inspiring examples that may inform or inspire a step you see yourself taking along your productive writing journey.

  • Publishing possibilities: The names of presses, magazines, journals, or publishers whose published work feels familial with yours.
  • Inspiring Samples: Pieces of writing that you admire.
  • Kindreds: Names of writers (and examples of their writing) woe work feels in some way related to yours.
  • Lessons Learned
  • Books to Read: Reviews, recommendations from friends, and blog posts about books you intend to read.
  • Things to Try: Lessons to learn; classes to take; experiments to try with craft, form, or process—wherever YES takes you.

My favorite chapter hands-down is “Putting Vision Into Action”. Simple productive ways to get the writing gears in motion.

“Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare.” -Japanese proverb

Post a (hopefully) helpful blog ✓

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