Why It Feels Like Christmas at the Baker’s House

Snow wasn’t falling and bells were not ringing, but it sure felt like Christmas at the Baker house last Friday afternoon when a box of the above arrived on our doorstep. 

I never expected my poetry to be published so you can imagine my delight and depth of gratitude to the One who made it possible.

The poem below is not mine, but one that’s also included in Enter the Gateway, by Torrid Publishing. (Congratulations, Jane!)

Re: Paul to Timothy
(2 Timothy 4:3-4)

Heeding truth is hard to do,
As the test of time makes clear;
Doctrine sounds, but very few
Listen to what they should hear. 
Myth is so appealing to
Those who want to scratch an ear;
When desire does itch anew,
Fools seek fools from far and near.

Author: Jane Blanchard

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