When Grace is Discovered Beneath the Debris

by Cathy Baker

trunk of the Chaste tree hugged our white picket fence but its branches
shot out in all directions, covering everything in its path. While
preparing to sell the house last September, Brian cut the tree to ground
level so the yard would appear neater for prospective buyers. 

weekend, while taking a tour of the yard, I spotted a pink patch of
clematis sittin’ pretty as you please alongside the same picket fence. I
planted them years ago but forgot about them. I’d never seen a bloom,
thanks to the gnarly branches of the tree. However, once the debris was
cleared, I could finally see the beauty that awaited. The timing of this
discovery was no “coincidence.” 

see, since childhood, the relationship with my mom has often been
covered in debris, scattered from a decision made long ago that neither
of us initiated. Its roots spread into deep, dark, hidden places
resulting in hurt, bitterness, and simple misunderstandings.

recent years, each of us has grown in our faith, and through this
growth, He has exposed those dark places to the light of His truth,
lovingly reminding me of my own failings as a parent (humble pie is
bittersweet) and how my mom did the best she could do with the
circumstances facing her at the time.

relationship has never been stronger or more vibrant than it is today
for it remains covered—no longer by debris from the past but by grace
and mercy—beauty in its truest form. 

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus 
our Lord. 2 Peter 1:2

FORGIVENESS: 30 Days of Wonder Challenge



Unforgiveness holds us back from fully experiencing God’s wonder. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself. Take fifteen minutes to prayerfully consider any things for which you’ve had a hard time forgiving yourself. Record them on a blank sheet of paper. Then take a few moments to forgive yourself for each one. 

After you forgive yourself, rip up the sheet of paper as a sign of keeping no record of wrongs. Allow yourself to celebrate the forgiveness God offers you through Jesus. You are a wondrous child of God! Spend some time thanking God for the way he created you and the redemptive work he’s doing in your life, and walk in the wonder of forgiveness.

– Margaret Feinburg, Wonderstruck

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