A Waterproof Writing Pad and Purple Pen

by Cathy Baker

Once upon a time, a friend named Joyce Ann opened her exquisite home to a woman with a waterproof writing pad and purple pen. 

The woman was greeted by a warm breeze, an embrace she’d known all her life, and a waterfall with two toads singing a chorus of smiles.

woman with the waterproof writing pad and purple pen made her way down
to the dock via a curved cobblestone pathway more than once that day.
Each time, soaking in all the lake had to offer, including the water.

She was thankful for her waterproof writing pad. (Mast General Store)

Lake Hartwell, Clemson SC

After reminiscing with her life-long friend over
Southern Pecan coffee, the woman with the
waterproof writing pad and purple pen scurried down the cobblestone path
to catch one last glimpse of sun-glazed water. 

sat on the dock immersing herself in the sounds of a father teaching his
son to fish across the way, dizzy dragonflies zigzagging by and calm waves hugging the red clay bank. 

As she made her way back up the steep hillside one last time, she discovered a petite triple-coned twig, a mini-masterpiece of God’s handiwork, reminding her of why she was there. What began as a research trek for an upcoming project matured into praise.

Thank You, Father, the One who truly makes “happily ever after” an eternal reality.

Lake Hartwell Bidding Farewell to the Day

Where is your favorite writing getaway?

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