A Week in Pictures

I’m sharing a few favorite pics, mainly because I love them, but also because I’m under the weather, thanks to a multitude of dusty totes being carried from our attic, through the house, and into storage. Gotta love a roof job! Turns out, even if you get three shots a week for allergies, you’re still not immune. Sigh. I couldn’t write a normal post if I tried.

So, here goes with some of my favorite pics from the past week or two:

One of Piper’s favorite things to do when she comes to visit is to play Brian’s mandolin. As you can see, she holds the flat pick just right and plucks away like Brian shows her. My only regret in this picture is that you can’t see the new curl that’s cropped up. A-dorable! 

It’s a paci in motion! This little apple didn’t fall from the tree. Lucky for Zach, I don’t have pictures handy from his toddler days where the proof of his love for the pacifier was plastered in a red rash on top of his upper lip. (You do know that’s why parents keep embarrassing pictures of their children, right? This, and their wedding rehearsal slide show.)
Bye-bye Rupert! Our Lhasa is heading to the vet for some special pampering in their TLC boarding section for a few days while our roof is replaced. It’s apparently a very noisy job that would spook Rup for sure — especially if when I escape to Starbucks.

I pray you have a very blessed week. We have much to be thankful for…such as friends and family who take a few moments out of their hectic week to stop by and read my posts.

Thank you!


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