“One might say that he who teaches best teaches least.”
John Milton Gregory
Perhaps this is easier said than done for those of us who learned to teach a Bible Class (aka Sunday School) back when the teacher did all the talking, all the reasoning and all the problem solving for the class, with little to no interaction between the “students” and the teacher (and we wonder why the traditional Sunday School setting is on the decline.)

I shudder to think of the many times I have shown up to teach a 1 hour class with 1 hour’s worth of material. The times I have simply spewed what I had learned that week with no thought given to how (or even IF) it would be received. The times I left no room for uncomfortable silence or thought-provoking questions. Or worse, the times when I grieved the Holy Spirit by leaving no room for Him to move in the minds and hearts of His people before I had to move on to the next point in order to finish all I had prepared. Lord, forgive me.

God continues to use Dr. Howard Hendricks’ classic book “Teaching to Change Lives” to challenge and transform my thinking on this subject. I’m still fumbling my way through the learning process (and often failing) but it’s mornings like today that, I believe, prove John Milton Gregory’s theory correct.

During this morning’s Adult Bible Study, there was a continual flow of interaction, lots of laughter and learning. Does this happen every time I prepare to teach? Unfortunately, no. Sometimes not even close, but it is exciting to see what happens when I’m willing to prepare well, but less. Less of me, all of Him. I know this desire to be true of Brian Woodard and Dr. Shawn LaBelle as well.

I can’t close tonight without giving a shout out to those who are a part of this amazing class every Sunday morning at CrossRoads. Notice I didn’t say “attend.” These individuals are a part of this class because it’s a two-way street. We learn so much from each other. This class isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and they’re full of grace when we lack the answers.

I thank God for you!

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