The year was 1991. Our family had recently moved to Simpsonville. Soon afterwards, Jim and Lesa Frady showed up at our doorstep inviting us to visit their church/Adult Sunday School class. Brian and I, two babes in Christ, were actively seeking a church at the time, but I had a couple of, shall we say, stipulations before attending the class. Church? Yes. Class? Well maybe. For me, it depended on Jim’s response to the following two requests:

1. Do not call on me to read in class.
2. Do not call on me to pray in class.

Without hesitation, Jim agreed (I’ve often wondered how things might have turned out differently had he not gracefully accepted my childlike tendencies.) You see, I knew the sickening feeling of sitting in a class where people giggled if you mispronounced words like Kiriatharba (anyone want to give it a try?) Granted, that was in middle school, but I didn’t enjoy being ridiculed anymore as an adult than I did as a young teen. Some wounds cut deeper than others I suppose.

Brian and I gave Jim’s class a try and we never looked back. Fast forward six months. Teresa Cron and I were asked to launch a new Ladies Class. We said YES!! But how? How could a hard-headed non-compliant reader become a totally psyched teacher in a matter of months? Ah, the grace of God.

The more I learned in Jim’s class, the more I hungered to know and experience more of God’s Word for myself. Showing up on Sundays (and Wednesdays) were great…but not enough. I began attending a Precept class under an amazing teacher, Kay Chandler. God used her teaching gift to fan a flame within me that I didn’t even realize existed.

Teresa and I co-taught the Ladies Class for nearly 10 years. Those were some of the best years of my life. Teresa and I not only became best friends as a result but we both developed life-long friendships within that class.

Today, I have the privilege of teaching alongside Brian Woodard and Dr. Shawn LaBelle in the CrossRoads’ Adult Bible Study. What a class! We learn from our victories as well as our defeats. Oh, and did I mention that no one is put on the spot to read or pray?

Two take aways from today:
  1. Take risks. Be honest. If you’re hesitant to try a new class or group tell the leader why. Expose your vulnerabilities (something I continue to work on to this day… but it’s worth it.)
  2. Never become satisfied with one or two “meals” a week. We are responsible for our own feeding – so eat up (Jeremiah 15:16) – digest it – and allow it to become a part of you.

I plan to post more on teaching in the coming days & weeks ahead. I can’t help it!

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