In Teaching, Part 1, I shared HOW I became a teacher. Today, as I prepare to teach on Sunday, I’m reminded of just some of the many reasons WHY I love to teach (I’ll share more in the future):

  • I love to learn. I have SO much to learn about God and His Word, but what I do learn I can’t wait to share with others. When creative illustrations come to mind it pretty much makes my day. Of course, the pitfall comes when I confuse my own “quiet time” with the Lord with prepping for a class.
  • I love “light bulb” moments. “Yea! I get it!” That’s when I know the Holy Spirit is doing His thing. Those moments spur me on.
  • Teaching humbles me. For obvious reasons. It is a total dependence on God – what are His plans for His class? His purposes? Is there any sin – anything in my life – that would hinder the working of the Holy Spirit? Do I need to make something right between Brian and myself or others? Tough, but necessary questions.
  • Because I’m not the true teacher. The Holy Spirit is (John 14:26) Whew.

I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare to teach on brokenness through the lives of Adam and Eve in our Adult Bible Study class this Sunday. We’re going back to Genesis…where it all began!

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