On Saturday morning, I headed to Spartanburg to visit Helen, my great-aunt, as well as Jayne, a woman I met via Craig’s List after advertising in the “wanted” section for free liriope.

Talk about a small world! Not only does Jayne live in my aunt’s neighborhood (less than a mile from my great-aunt’s) but she also attends the same church my grandparents did for 60+ years before having to move to assisted living several years ago. She not only knew my grandparents well, she had also taught my grandmother’s Sunday School class for several months.

After doing a little digging, Jayne and I rested on her front porch while she showed me some things she had kept from Fairforest Baptist Church over the years. I quickly noticed how one piece of paper in particular had been carefully tucked away in a special file folder. She commented on how it was one of her greatest treasures as she carefully removed it from the folder. It was a small handwritten note from my grandmother, “MaMa”, encouraging Jayne in her teaching efforts for their class. Attached to the tiny treasure was a piece of paper filled with handwritten names and phone numbers. With tears welling up in her eyes, Jayne shared how she had mentioned in class one Sunday that the ladies needed to pray for one another on a regular basis. On the following Sunday, Mama handed her what is now tucked away in Jayne’s treasured file.

MaMa, soon to be 91, is still a prayer warrior to this day. Her memory may be failing, but her belief in the power of prayer has never faded.

Jayne also commented on how my grandfather, “PaPa”, would come to the church office (she worked there for 10 years) and give anonymously to different missions and needs. He never wanted to be recognized or applauded for his giving.

It is a priceless gift to inherit such a spiritual heritage. May our grandchildren and great-grandchildren be able to say the same in the years to come.

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