I knew this would be a Thanksgiving like none other for a few reasons — the main one being it was my first Thanksgiving without a grandparent to visit. To refer to them as “grandparents” is an understatement as they’ve always been more like parents to me.

I was reminded today of how both sets of grandparents led our family holidays — how different, and yet how wonderful both were in their own way. My dad’s side, more formal — never eating past noon — and my mom’s side, laid-back and satisfied with eating whenever the ham arrived. The best of both worlds.

I remember, even as a young girl, listening to the antics of my uncles — and the laughter that soon followed — knowing that one day all the laughter, aromas, and faces around that table would be a distant memory. And in many ways, that was today.

Yet, I realize how incredibly blessed I am to have such memories to tuck away. I pray that some day I will be half the grandparent mine were to me and that we’ll create our own memories around the Thanksgiving table. I may not have uncles for my grandchildren to enjoy (being the “only” that I am), but as long as Brian is at the table, there will be antics — and oh so much laughter.

Giving thanks to the Lord today for the blessings of my past, present, and future.

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