• Spending time with the hubster & kids. We had a blast kicking off the frisbee golf season yesterday afternoon!
  • Days like today. Sunny, nice breeze, 65 degrees. Need I say more?
  • Our 1930’s aluminum glider. It’s not the prettiest thing. OK, actually, it is one of the ugliest things we own right now, but it rides like a dream on our back porch, my hide-a-way.
  • Our front porch swing. This is where we land when we want to watch the cars go by, hear the kids laughter spill over from the park or simply enjoy the breeze that only a wrap-around porch can bring.
  • Our circa 1911 house. To think of all the memories that have been made in a house that’s withstood almost 100 years is pretty amazing.
  • Channel 927. I guess I’d better clarify this just in case our channel numbers differ. It’s 70’s music. Have mercy. I can get some serious cleaning done with Boston playing in the background!
  • Guitar Hero. To take a break from cleaning.
  • Authentic people…like them or not.
  • Blogging. Both ways. I enjoy reading and writing.

Question. How about you?

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