Preparing lessons for Sunday mornings always proves to be an eye opening experience. Certain Scripture passages and quotes stick to the soul like gum on a shoe.

This week’s sticky Scripture: Do everything without grumbling or arguing… (Phil. 2:14a)

In an attempt to set up our classroom before a teacher’s meeting this morning, I ran in, threw my bags down, and got to work cleaning the whiteboard, picking up trash, and moving furniture. Can people not pick up after themselves? Or erase boards when they’re finished? While wiping the final words from the board it became obvious that someone had been teaching children in the room. The Scripture that adhered to my mind had now quickened in my Spirit.

I began praising the Lord that children were being taught the Word by someone who was obviously passionate about their lesson, and more importantly, about their God.

To live out what I believe requires not only a desire to avoid grumbling, but also an intentionality in choosing praise over grumbling. Lesson learned.

Complaining about our lot in life might seem quite innocent in itself, but God takes it personally. — Erwin W. Lutzer

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