• I don’t mind sharing that I officially started Weight Watchers today! Michelin offers a free package and I chose the at-home-deluxe-kit. Now that I know I’m working against a stubborn thyroid level, I decided to bring in the big guns (WW). I’ve been walking every day for almost 3 weeks but I knew if this was to be a life long change, I also needed to learn how to eat healthier. I have to tell you — I’m learning to love my Leslie Sansone DVD’s. In addition to the walking, there’s also lots of lateral movements and two offer intervals of jogging. The constant upper body conditioning makes it a full body workout!  I have two points left on my WW chart tonight. Can anyone say Dove Dark Chocolate? 
  • When I spotted the subject for tomorrow’s lesson, I felt as if I hit a brick wall. The subject? How we are to respond when we suffer for Christ. Suffer? Do Christ followers here in the US experience persecution? For the most part, I believe we define persecution in terms of having our feelings hurt, being shunned, or ignored. One visit to the Voice of Martyrs website will cure that pretty quickly. (Visit here to send letters to imprisoned Christ followers around the world. The site will do the translating.) Needless to say, I had no peace whatsoever in teaching on the original subject tomorrow morning, so Lord willing, we will instead spend our time praying for truly persecuted believers.  
  • We took the plunge today! The HH Gregg plunge that is! Yes, we finally gave in and purchased a 47″ LCD TV. All I can say is boogity boogity on the BIG screen for this racing season! 
It was a great week and who could complain with such BEAUTIFUL weather today? Oh my. I’m ready for Spring! 

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