• I went in search of a new DVD over the weekend only to find it in my own home! I came across a different Leslie Sansone DVD that I’d purchased at a yard sale last Fall — “5 Mile Walk”. It has turned out to my fav. It’s offers the music only option — but the best part? There are four different walking routines to choose from — two routines opt for 3 miles with weights or the band (which I love!) and two opt for the same with 5 miles. There’s also a segment on healthy eating — which I haven’t had time to watch… yet! For some reason, she’s much less annoying in this DVD and much more inspiring. It’s also cool that her teenage daughter is one of the participants. 🙂
  • Enjoyed a great conversation Sunday morning with the C4 group during our study in Mark 14, the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • I also enjoyed the race! (Especially the end, when we watched it on Zach and Sarah’s HD TV. I could see the trash on the track! I’m sold.)
  • The highlight of our weekend? Going to Zach and Sarah’s for dinner Sunday night! Sarah whipped up a delicious turkey chili (I’m definitely getting the recipe!) and cornbread. To top it off, we enjoyed a scoop of Blue Belle’s Cherry Cheesecake. Before heading out, we played Rock Band. Brian was wailing on the drums, Zach and I took turns on the guitar, and Sarah was singing away! It was A LOT of fun! We hadn’t seen them in awhile — it’s a busy time for everyone — but it’s all good! If Brandon and Megan had been there, it would have been complete. We miss you!!

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