Fall affects me in many ways – all positive. Some of which include:

  • An overall sense of renewal in every area of my life
  • A desire to spend more time outside (even walking!)
  • Increased daydreaming of one day owning a one room cabin on the side of a mountain
  • Spending more time pouring over magazines for new ideas on sprucing up our 1911 nest
  • Rolling my car windows down and turning my volume up! When the leaves are falling and that distinctive crisp feeling is in the air, my allergies take a backseat.
  • Becoming more sentimental. Maybe it’s the holidays or childhood memories that were created during this season (some of my best memories ever!) Not to mention our 19 year wedding anniversary coming up in October. 🙂
  • Becoming a more avid reader and writer (see #1)
  • Getting my bright red Kitchen Aid mixer humming again – something it hasn’t done all summer long. I guess it’s a good thing my desire for walking kicks in at the same time.
  • Putting up the summer clothes (my very least favorite) and pulling out the fluffy warm sweaters — even in 85 degree weather. Bye, bye summer!
My calendar says it’s now officially Fall. Bring it on!

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