Regardless if you’re having fun or not!

I took full advantage of the beautiful weather and painted our front screen door. What’s really cool is that it is original to the house. You can see it in pictures taken back in the early 1900’s. I had forgotten the amazing cool breeze that catches the corners of the wrap around porch. We plan to move one of our old gliders to the front porch to take full advantage of the cooler days approaching.

Lunch with Teresa and the girls at McD’s (it’s always fun catching up with “K” and Rach!) Teresa and I prefer to catch up over a cup of tea. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get back on our tea track real soon!

That afternoon, I met with another wonderful friend, Becky K. The Lord brought her in to my life last summer when she began attending the community study (Women in the Word). She teaches a ladies class at her church and I enjoy every minute we spend together. He has used her to challenge and encourage me in ways I never expected.

Big study day — James for Sunday, Psalm 73 for Tuesday!

In an attempt to come across old Lp’s and 45’s, Brian came across a “new” flea market in the area — Barnyard, off Hwy. 101. Every time I’ve gone to a flea market (which hasn’t been many) I’m reminded of why my visits are few and far between. Can anyone say smoke and cheap perfume? I knew I was in trouble when we came across the mamma-jamma of all record dealers. For a moment, I thought I spotted wings sprouting from Brian’s back because he was ready for heaven! Rest assured, time did not fly fast that hour! But it was fun seeing him enjoy the record feast. To pass the time, I found a 1960’s Japanese bicycle with two huge metal baskets and a third wheel for sale and took it for a spin (with the seller’s approval). It’s the little things in life, right? 🙂

We had the largest attendance to date in our “new” class with a few visitors, along with three new members joining this morning. It’s exciting to see the people God is bringing to His class. Afterwards, we experienced the Joy of Tokyo with friends from the class.

A relaxing afternoon… no cooking. That’s my kind of day!

Come to think of it, it’s been my kind of week. Yes, it’s flown by (except for the one hour in the mamma-jamma record booth), but I was glad to be along for the ride.

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