Tiny House Tuesday


The tiny house sat flat on the hill.

It sat this way for a few months. We didn’t want to rush the foundation and who could forget the tropical monsoons that blew through our area in May?


But then came June and with it, the first wall.
Tiny House Wall One

With one hefty hoist, the tiny house began to take shape in all of its 9′ x 16′ glory.


Then came the second wall and with it, the first corner of the house.

Tiny House Wall Two


This is the corner where I’d planned to place the mini-fridge and above it, the mini K-cup coffee machine. But it quickly became evident that this corner would give just enough room for the kids to climb the ladder to their loft, and no more. It’s funny how space seems so much larger on graph paper than in real life.


A week later, the third wall and with it, my 8′ window facing the mountains.

Tiny House Wall Three


This hoist was the heaviest of all because of the bracing required for that size window. Thank goodness for our neighbor who was kind enough to come over and help.


And finally, the day came. The fourth wall was put into place, and with it, a dream began taking the shape of reality.

Tiny House Wall Four


Sometimes our circumstances can feel like walls. They close in, suffocating the very life from our lungs, not to mention the peace from our mind. At every turn, we’re reminded of the what if’s, the could be’s, and the plan B’s. It’s often when we feel surrounded with no way out that we look in the one direction where our circumstances don’t cloud our vision: Up.


To you, I lift up my eyes, to you whose throne is in heaven.  Psalm 123:1


I recently had back-to-back situations where I felt enclosed by my circumstances. In the first situation I was completely helpless. I’d done all I could do to fix a situation but the results were out of my control. After a day of pure panic, I finally looked up. And what came down was a strong sense of security, strength, and peace. Being assured of God’s love and presence allowed me to not only scale the wall of circumstances but to also tear them down.


Are there circumstances in your life that feel like they’re closing in? Lift up your eyes, my friend!




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