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I should purchase stock in Kleenex®️ based on the excessive drooling that’s taken place since Tiny House Nation found its way to FYI.  Watching others build their tiny retreats spurred on my own dreams of one day having a tiny retreat hang off the side of a mountain.

Fast forward five years and here we are! Okay, so we’re not hanging off the side of a mountain but we do have a beautiful view of Glassy Mountain in the Carolina foothills. And while we’re not living in ours like many brave (and debt-free) souls, my prayer is that God will receive much glory within the 9′ x 16′ space. My tiny studio has an 8′ desk facing the mountains, a Book Nook, and a loft for where the grandkids play. It’s where I write, dream, and enjoy community.


Even though the space is small, there’s always room for you.


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Tiny House Tuesday // A NEW Front Door Color!

New Front Door Color for the Tiny House

  I tried. Really, I did. If you read Tiny House Tuesday's The Red Door No More, you might remember the giddiness that erupted after painting the front door chartreuse.   For months, the color lived up to its name ⏤ Frolic.   She was a bright pop of color during the day, but when night fell, the color glowed in the dark like a fluorescent beam on steroids. Bless her heart. The...

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