Tonight’s study in Colossians 2:1-10 generated some of the best conversation to date.

We talked about the words “See to it that no one takes you captive…” and how it is OUR responsibility to know the Word — to really know the Word — in order for us to identify truth from false teaching.

Sam Storms, in “The Hope of Glory” writes:

“The word rendered “firmness,” used here [Colossians 2:5] to describe their faith means steadfast, stable, resolute, solid, not given to flights of fancy or open to the influence of flashy, fleshly preachers whose “ministries” are built on the novelty, bizarre and sensational experiences, or some new revelatory “word” that is strangely absent from Scripture and, upon closer examination, in direct conflict with it.

There wasn’t much to set apart these believers except for their commitment to good order in godly living and resolute solidarity in their commitment to Jesus Christ. But isn’t that enough? Where did the church ever get the notion that God is more impressed with new and unprecedented insights, or scintillating discernment on the signs of the times, or perhaps the latest sure-fire strategy for financial prosperity?

Here is what brings a smile of approval to the face of our heavenly Father: faithful Christians who set their personal and corporate spiritual experience in that “order” set forth in Scripture. Here is what evokes a heartfelt “Well done!” from our great and glorious God: people whose lives are fixed and riveted on Christ alone, whose faith does not bend with every blast of new doctrinal wind, whose commitment is not compromised by threat or fear of persecution or loss of personal convenience and comfort.

No, it’s not very exciting, at least not as the world measures excitement. It may not draw huge crowds or bring in massive offerings or lead to lucrative book contracts. But whose favor are we seeking anyway — God or man’s? If the latter, good order and firmness of faith in Christ won’t get you very far. But if it’s the favor and pleasure and joy of your heavenly Father that you most desire, commit yourself in the power of his Spirit to put all things in good order and stand firm and resolute and unwavering in your single-minded, wholehearted, world-denying, devotion to Jesus.”

Have mercy! That’s enough to sleep on. Wouldn’t you agree?

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