by Cathy Baker

Last week I introduced you to friend, sis in Christ, and fellow blogger Rene Peery Beagle. 

One of her past posts, “How to Turn A Family Recipe Into A Tea Towel” popped into my mind this weekend and I knew I had to share it here. 

After all, who says we have to wait till Christmas to share a special gift with a loved one?

Imagine sharing a handwritten {Thanksgiving} recipe from your mother or grandmother with your sister, daughter, or granddaughter in the form of a beautiful tea towel? Ah, the spirit of gratefulness celebrated generation to generation!

Now, let’s think for a moment outside the box. What if you have a poet or novelist for a parent or grandparent? Their handiwork could also be transferred for future enjoyment. 

Really, the possibilities are endless and the process is incredibly easy! 

For this, I’ll send you to Rene’s delightful spot in the blogosphere, The Domestic Lady…A Chic Cheap Lifestyle Blog — specifically her post, How To Turn A Family Recipe Into a Tea Towel.  

Fall in love with Fall this year by using the month as a platform to bless others. 

So, what’s your favorite family recipe? Or, can you think of another creative handwritten item to transfer to the tea towel? I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for stopping by…

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