Sorry for two posts in one day, but…

I can honestly say the only time before today that I’ve been moved to tears by anything political was on September 11. Thankfully, today was due to a much happier occasion.

I was surprised by John McCain’s V.P. choice this morning but it didn’t take long to warm up to Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. I was moved to tears a couple of times during her acceptance speech. One such moment unfolded like this:
ALASKAN GOV. SARAH PALIN:Track [their oldest son] now serves in an infantry brigade. And on September 11th, Track will deploy to Iraq in the service of his country. And Todd and I are so proud of him and of all the fine men and women serving this country (inaudible) (APPLAUSE) AUDIENCE: USA! USA! USA! (To view the manuscript in full, click here.)

Sarah Palin’s speech made me proud to be both a woman and a Republican. She is living out her pro-LIFE beliefs, she’s an Evangelical Christian, and I like her spunk. I look forward to learning more about her over the next 66 days, 2 hours, 16 minutes and 42 seconds, but so far… so good!

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