Last night, I went to cheer on the hubster during his soccer game at Michelin. It was fun watching him in action — especially when he scored a goal! I think watching Euro 2008 this week has inspired him.

A few people have asked if someone took me up on my offer for free flowers and I’m delighted to say YES!!! I was actually able to share them with two wonderful friends, Kim Mahaffey and Sandy Schaeffer. While delivering Sandy’s goodies, I had the pleasure of taking a tour of her BEAUTIFUL garden. Have mercy! It belongs on the cover of Fine Gardening (my favorite gardening magazine!) Although Sandy has lived in her home for 10 years, she shared how she took the first 5 years to decide and design her yard. That was so encouraging to me! I feel like I’m in constant design mode with fewer results than desired, but we were both reminded of how we need to enjoy what has been done as we work towards our final design. There’s a reason God began mankind in the garden.

Speaking of which, I told a few friends I would share my garden photos taken this week. Here’s what’s blooming in the Baker garden (check out the orange daylilies – Mrs. Snow told me Clemson fans would come from all over to purchase these from her – I believe it!):

Have a great weekend!

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