What do you find yourself most vulnerable to today? Temptation? Criticism? Complacency? Fill in the blank _______________.

In the closing laps of the Las Vegas’ Dodge 400 run yesterday, Jeff Gordon spun out and crashed into the most vulnerable and dangerous spot on the entire race track – the one wall where the safety barrier had not been added. Why had it not been added? I understand it was due to the owner’s feeling that it wasn’t worth it, due to the probability of a driver hitting that particular area. Tell that to Jeff Gordon.

How often do we bank on the same wishful thinking? We see our vulnerability, and yet we doubt the destruction that can come as a result. It’s often only after the fact that we have a newfound respect for our God-given “safety barriers”: His Holy Spirit, His Word, Prayer, hanging out with His family, etc.

Chances are, that wall will have a safety barrier installed prior to the next race. Let’s not put it off any longer. What barrier(s) can we begin to build into our lives today in order to prevent destruction tomorrow?

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