… Christmas lights!

I may have mentioned some of our family holiday traditions in past posts, but one that we’re celebrating tonight is an all-time favorite… it’s the family-judge-the-neighbors-outdoor lights-night.

When the boys were young, we kept a glass jar filled with handwritten ideas of things we could do each night leading up to Christmas. If the boys were good on that particular day, they were given the opportunity to draw one fun thing to do from the jar.

One of those ideas included putting on their pajamas, hopping in the car, and having us all ride around to surrounding neighborhoods in search of the best and worst light displays. We had a “rating system” of sorts — extra points for manger scenes, Jesus, or fat bulbs. A deduction of points would be issued for cheesy icicle lights or if “Xmas” was used anywhere. Afterwards, we would head home and fix hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Tonight, Zach and Sarah are heading over to renew this tradition! This year, however, Brian and I created a handy scorecard to use, complete with all the points and deductions info. The only difference as in years past? No one has to change in to their pajamas! (And the city of Simpsonville takes a collective sigh of relief)

Afterwards, we’ll head home to enjoy hot cocoa with whip cream & choco syrup, as well as apple cider.

It certainly won’t be the same without Brandon and Megan here 🙁 , but it should be a fun night reliving childhood memories.

Watch out neighborhoods, here we come!

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