• I went to Lowes Friday morning to pick up potting soil. While milling around, the manager rolled a huge tray of plants by and said, “Happy Mother’s Day! These pots are normally $25.98, but you can have them for 5.00 each.” Anybody want to guess how long it took me to load two of those bad boys in my CRV? It was hilarious! Women all over the parking lot were trying to cram their “find” in tiny cars and crowded trunks. I’m convinced some would have strapped them to the top of their cars if possible. What a fun morning!
    On Saturday afternoon, our family attended Shari’s memorial service at CRCC. Everyone there was gracious and it was good to see “old” friends and friendly faces. In some ways, it was like a CRCC reunion with friends coming from all their different churches for one purpose… to honor a wonderful friend. The service was very meaningful. Rich did a great job of presenting the Gospel, well aware of the fact that none of Shari’s extended family enjoys a relationship with Jesus. David did an amazing job with the music! Shari had picked out the music during her final weeks and it showed, with each one pointing to Christ. She finished well.
  • Today! First and foremost, Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. It’s such a blessing having a Mom who is a Christ-follower, in good health, very happy, and who lives close by! She’s a great Mom and I love her very much. Zach and Sarah enjoyed lunch with her mom, Tammy (who is a wonderful mom, by the way!) and they plan to head over here for soy-grilled chicken tonight. We miss not having Brandon and Megan in town, especially on days like this, but the Lord has bigger plans for them, and that’s the best gift a mother could ever ask for. I’m so proud to be Brandon and Zach’s mom. I thank God for them often (and for my two “daughters”, Megan and Sarah!)

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