Friday night: Sarah was home (Yea!) so we enjoyed hanging out with the kids. She brought her computer so we played a family game (all on separate laptops in the den) of online Boggle (wordsplay). Now we just need to get Brandon & Megan hooked! 🙂

Saturday: We had another day of house chores lined up, but Brian had an incredibly busy work week, getting home late most nights, so we opted for a bit more relaxed Saturday. After selling a few things on Craigslist, we headed over to Hobby Lobby in search of another set of Psalm 46:10 vinyl lettering for the new classroom. I thought Brian would simply peel off the current words to take with us, but Brian suggested I think again. 🙂 As always, God provided. They were 1/2 off! From there, we headed to Barnes and Noble. I came across this memorable quote while browsing the books: “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak.” – Hans Hofmann

Today! Several people were out this morning due to a weekend marriage seminar, but I believe fewer people in the group today may have encouraged some who are normally very quiet to speak up and share. It’s all good! Throw a Joy of Tokyo lunch in the mix (thanks to the Craigs List sales), along with a nap on a rainy afternoon, and I’d say it’s been one great weekend!

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