Friday – my guys were gone for the night, so I made the best of it and enjoyed a rainy evening at home. Add my favorite candy, Turtles, to the mix — and it was downright delightful.

Saturday – Brian and I went to an estate sale, which is unlike a yard sale in that you literally walk through a person’s home with their belongings on display for everyone to see (and hopefully purchase). It’s interesting what you learn about a person based on their music, books and other belongings. Brian was right (as usual). Our stuff is just that — stuff. Stuff that will one day be displayed for all to see in an estate sale. Yet another confirmation that decluttering is a very good thing!

Sunday – This morning, God delighted this heart of mine with a very specific answer to prayer. James says in Chapter 5 to sing when you’re happy. Consider yourself blessed that you not here. 🙂

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