Easter weekend was simply beautiful… in many ways.

Brian took Friday off so we could get some things done in the yard. Oh, and the fact that it was in the mid 80’s may have also had a little something to do with it. 🙂 The best part of my day? A calorie splurge on a tall Java Chip Frappe. It’s amazing how I’ve always ordered a venti or grande frappe without a second thought. Now the tall size is a splurge! sigh. Brian’s splurge? A new laptop for a bargain — 349.00! It had a few bells and whistles included so he was totally delighted.

Saturday morning we headed to the Barnyard Flea Market. Brian found several albums and I purchased a few books. Zach came over to wash his car, he and Brian went for a bike ride, and I finished preparing for Easter Sunday’s lesson. Again, a beautiful day in the 80’s. Trees in bloom. Pollen. eek.

On Easter Sunday, our class studied the Bridegroom of Christ, comparing ancient Jewish wedding customs and the way our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, took His Bride, the Church — and how He will one day return for her! Praise the Lord!

Later in the afternoon, while Zach and Sarah enjoyed a meal with her parents, Brian and I met Dad and Sherry at Cracker Barrel for dinner, and then we all ended up at our house for dessert and game night. It was a nice way to end such a glorious day. Yes, the weather was nice once again, but the fact that we celebrated a RISEN Savior on that day was what made it simply glorious. A fact to celebrate every day. I couldn’t help but think of Shari Bajan, our friend who passed away last Easter, and Mama, who celebrated her first Easter with Jesus. The hope of our Bridegroom’s second return brings much hope, comfort, and joy.

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