Here’s why Spring ROCKS…

  • Easter Sunday. We will celebrate our risen King like crazy at CRCC. Steve, Rich and David have an incredible morning planned. More importantly, people will be exposed to the Gospel more on this day than any other day in most churches.
  • My sleeping plants emerge from a long winter’s nap. My “sleeping” garden budget emerges too! Just ask Brian. On second thought, please don’t.
  • More grilling…less cooking.
  • Quiet time on the front porch instead of a cozy den.
  • Gardening becomes a substitute exercise. Give me a shovel instead of tenny-shoes any day.
  • Everything seems renewed. The soul, body, mind, and spirit. It’s a refreshing season!
  • Spring cleaning. OK, so those who know me well know I’m stretching this one a bit. I LOVE the idea of spring cleaning, but it’s funny how that rarely translates into a major cleaning day or week.
  • Family frisbee golf games in the park
  • The Adult Study class begins a new study in Philippians next Sunday. It seems like the perfect study for this season. Can’t wait!

What would your list include?

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