Our week at Lake Lure with the family was a great one! The Rumbling Bald Resort turned out to be a real treat with lots of amenities to enjoy on site (pools, tennis, kayaking, ice cream shoppe, sandy beach, golf courses, volleyball court, putt-putt course, etc.) The house we rented had two levels with a pool table downstairs and a nice screened porch on the top level. Brian and I had a blast shooting pool every day.

Every night, we played a game of Michigan Rummy (which took quite awhile with 9 people!), along with plenty of Set-back, our favorite family card game, being played on the screened-in porch. No need for an ipod out there – the frogs serenaded us every night. We also had a wii set up for everyone to enjoy. I learned how to play Mario-kart (thanks, Missy!)

My mom, Steve, and Dan were able to come up one afternoon, which made the week extra special. Divorce is never easy on parents or the children, but I’m thankful that both of my parents maintained a friendship throughout the years and never spoke harshly about the other. It’s a “gift” that has kept on giving to this day. I couldn’t ask for better step-parents as well. Without their maturity, that afternoon would not have been possible. Thank you Sherry and Steve.

In addition to the pics below, we all went kayaking (a first for me!), putt-putting, and boat riding around the entire lake (thanks, Dad!)

The house dock where lots of fishing took place last week. This is a private lake within the resort. Lake Lure is also accessible on site.

During our boat ride around Lake Lure.

Zach “hanging out” with friends and family. 🙂

Brian was fishing the night I wii bowled a 243, so I took this picture as evidence. I thought he would especially appreciate it since it was his mii I used to accomplish such a feat. ha!
Sarah and I had a lot of fun!
(Don’t you think Brian’s mii looks just like him?)

A special thanks to my Dad and Sherry who went out of their way to make our week a memorable one.

And it was.

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