I ordered this book after reading Kim Rhodes’ blog.
I began reading it after seeing a post about it on Courtney Reichley’s blog.

John Eldredge nails it with this review: “This is a book worth reading. Because this journey is worth taking. To know who you are. To make sense of your life. To discover the role God is giving you in his story. That is a life worth living.”

OK, so I’m only on Chapter 3, but I’m quickly learning this is a book to savor. It reads more like an evening meal in France (according to Karen T.) and less like a buffet at the Golden Corral. Seeing how the stories of my life are interwoven with God’s story is pretty schweet. It’s not a sappy book (whew!) but it does aim straight for the heart. If you would like to read it along with me, let me know and maybe we can set up a book blog?

ALSO — if you’re a blogger, don’t miss the blogging tips Rich picked up from the Unleash conference held yesterday. Any repeat reader of Rich’s would agree that he should be writing his own blogging book. Mercy. He’s inspired many to give it a try.

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