That was the question posed to the class this morning as we prepared to learn more about spiritual hunger and thirst in Isaiah 55. It is there we find God inviting us to a bigger, totally satisfying, and joyful kind-of-life. It was, quite frankly, one of my favorite lessons to teach.

Upon arrival, every person received an invitation with the typical things you would find on an invitation already listed for them: To, From, Time, and Cost. They also received a separate “R.S.V.P.” card and a self-addressed envelope.

We saw that the invitation given in Isaiah 55 was extended to all those who are spiritually thirsting for something more and open to God’s salvation. For those who have received Christ, the invitation was to forsake our weaknesses, failures, and sin and turn to Him in exchange for His amazing mercy. (v. 7) We saw that the time was “limited” according to verse 6 and the cost was “free”, opening the door for all to partake of the water (refreshment), milk (nourishment) and wine (joy!) mentioned in verse 1.

We closed by observing one of the most important parts of any invitation… the R.S.V.P. (a french term for “please respond”) In light of what God had revealed to them this morning, each person was asked to write their response to God and place it in the self-addressed envelope. After several minutes, I played Meredith Andrew’s song “The River” (see below) and invited them to come forward and to make an exchange. Their response to God’s invitation (envelope) for an ice-cold bottle of water. Our burdens in exchange for His refreshment.

So what will happen to the envelope? It will remain sealed and as the Lord leads, I will mail it back to each person, which will hopefully serve as a reminder of their response to God.

Come all who are thirsty!

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