to never say “never”.

“It’s a great idea and it’s sleek enough in appearance but I would never buy one for myself.” Cathy Baker

The size of the book–the catchy cover–the texture of the pages–all culminate in making a “real” book a pleasure to read. Throw in the fact that marking up the pages is one of my favorite things to do while reading and you have the reason why I spend more time in a book store than a library.

But something changed.

Was it the agonizing cry I heard coming from our soon-to-be-full bookshelves, or mine for a quicker and more convenient read? My guess is both. So, I did exactly what I said I’d never do. I ordered my own Kindle 3 with the last bit of my birthday money.

And now? My ears have become ever attentive to the distinct screeching sound that only a UPS truck can deliver–which is, by the way, something else I thought I would never do.

Sigh. When will I learn?

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