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Welcome to the new season at Rhyme and Reason!

I deserved a divine whop upside the head (spoken like a true Southern belle) as I sat in my car waiting for Brian to finish his gig. I’d only been home from the writer’s conference a few days and lingering frustration had taken its toll. Yes, I was delighted to win an award but I sensed God wanting me to become more committed to my calling.

So, there I sat. In my car. In the dark. Talking to God in a more frustrated tone than I care to admit. It went something like this: Okay, Lord. I sense You want me to write more, but what do You want me to write about? How can I write for You if I don’t even know what You want me to write?  

As I heard the tone of my heart spill forth from my lips, I braced myself for some sort of divine discipline specifically designed for grumblers.

Instead, I heard a light tapping on my window. 

It was an older woman who I’d not seen in years. The moment she heard my car window crack open she began to talk. It went something like this: Cathy, do you remember the basket you made for me and Keith? (Her husband who was terminally ill at the time.) You had little gifts in it and each one had a Scripture verse that matched the gift. Some women in my church would like to start making the same baskets for hurting people in our church. Could you write those down for me?

Oh, the wonder of God. 

I have no idea how I will take her words and use them but my tears could barely be contained as I recognized God’s nearness…and mercy.

Perhaps this was a defining moment in my decision to teach Wonderstruck…Awaken to the Nearness of GOD by Margaret Feinburg. It’s about recognizing God’s nearness in the midst of our routines—and so much more.

If you live in the Greenville SC area and would like to join us, we’d love to have you. We’ll be meeting in downtown Simpsonville. Email or FB message me if you’d like more details than those shared below:

Monday nights, beginning July 8th (6 weeks)
B Encouraged Ministry Home, Simpsonville SC
6:15-7:30 p.m. 
Study Book can be purchased at Lifeway or Amazon

So, how has God left you wonder struck in recent days?

May we never lose our sense of holy awe.

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