It seems just like yesterday when our families drove up to Pretty Place (near Caesars Head) on a breezy, but clear and chilly afternoon — eighteen years ago today.

It was there that I married the love of my life, Brian.

Where I, or the boys, would be today without him, I can’t imagine. He has showered me with unconditional love in ways I never deserved and he has loved Brandon and Zach as his own since day one. Brian has always been, and always will be, a vivid reminder of God’s great love, grace and mercy.

I hope you enjoy the mini-flashback….

I believe it was at this moment in the ceremony when we were listening to a song being played by the harpist which lasted approximately two minutes, but felt like forever. Brian, however, helped to pass the time in his own special way. He couldn’t figure out if that was the time he was supposed to kiss me or not, so after about a minute of the song, he began to lean forward — at which time I had to gently swat him away! ha… We’ve enjoyed recalling this moment many times since.

Check out the spectacular view behind us! No ferns required.

Notice the two cuties down front?
It’s pretty amazing, considering Brandon was married last year
and Zach is in his senior year at North Greenville.
Time truly does fly.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

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