I was a little concerned one of my favorite mags wouldn’t make it through the recession, so you can only imagine my delight when I came across this latest issue at Walmart:

My two favorite articles? “Come to Order” and “Be Still and Know that I am God” — but a one page article entitled “14 Steps to Successful Change” was spot-on as well. Check out the 14 suggestions. The article obviously includes more info on each:

Step 1. Pray for discernment.
Step 2. Pray and plan each day.
Step 3. Seek out worthy role models in your life.
Step 4. Be accountable.
Step 5. Plan (I like this mag!)
Step 6. Set goals.
Step 7. Educate yourself.
Step 8. Set Short-term goals.
Step 9. Remove obstacles and temptations.
Step 10. Review progress.
Step 11. Forgive your failures.
Step 12. Cheer yourself on.
Step 13. Be persistent.
Step 13: Praise God.

In light of the tragedy happening in Haiti this week, a posting like this almost seems superfluous. Perhaps it is… but then again, the tragedy serves as a vivid reminder to embrace all life has to offer. It can change so quickly. Finding delight in the little things helps me to stay focused on the larger-than-life blessings that surround me every day.

Especially when I turn on the news.

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