This morning we headed over to NGU to watch Zach play in what was probably his last tourney on the home field, since he graduates in May. Georgia, Georgia State, Clemson, USC, Wofford and other teams were well represented in this all-day tournament as well. It was a lot of fun watching him play (especially when he scored the winning goal in the second game!) My dad was also able to come out and cheer him on, which made it even more special.

As we arrived, we greeted another player’s parents and continued to bundle up, thanks to the nippy wind and drizzle. When Sarah arrived, we couldn’t help but talk about wedding plans! In an attempt to include the other parents in the conversation, I mentioned how they were planning to marry in the First Baptist Chapel. Their faces immediately lit up! They, too, are members at FBC! We also discovered we attend the same service — and then it hit me. Their family sits directly in front of us up in the balcony! Because it’s never crowded up there, we always have our choice of seats and being the creature of habit that I am, it always ends up being in the same place.

We all went from being perfect strangers… to fellows believers… to sharing community… and practically shared seats… all within 5 minutes!

Who’da thought?

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