It’s a question this adult Bible teacher has asked herself, especially when situations such as these have reared their ugly heads over the years:

  • A person appears to be growing spiritually, with fellow followers cheering him on from the sideline, only to have an addiction suddenly swallow him whole, along with his family, and most likely, his future.
  • Those with copious excuses for not attending group time.
  • Seeing friends begin strong but lack follow-through to finish well.

And the answer to that question remains the same: It’s my calling, and with that calling comes freedom, and with that freedom, joy…regardless of circumstances.

Haven’t you found this to be true in your own calling?

No situation, even those fraught with disappointments and heartache, don’t get us off track for long because we didn’t place ourselves in this calling—God did. And with this one powerful fact we are freed from trying to be another person’s “Holy Spirit” or trying to make sense of situations that make no sense at all.

Each situation released to the Lord, for His glory…and in His way, a.k.a. sweet freedom.

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