That’s the question I felt the Lord asking me this week when I learned that a dear friend, Shari, was now considered “terminally” ill.

I kept thinking about the time she prepared a full Passover meal for our small group (which she and Rick were a part of) and the impact it made on all of us as she revealed Yeshua in every element. I doubt anyone present that evening will ever forget it. I also thought of the time she did something similar in our Adult Bible Study at CRCC on Easter Sunday 2008. (see pics below)

Shari did a beautiful job preparing this celebration for us.

A very appreciative class!

As I continued to think of the many ways her life has blessed mine (and so many others) I found myself hoping that she knew these things for herself. The epiphany that my hope could become a reality soon followed… and I began to write.

I’ll be honest. I have naively presumed that those who are terminally ill probably don’t want to be reminded of it (as if they could forget it) so it’s easier to just keep a “happy face” and talk about anything and everything except the illness and what lies ahead. Not this time.

The Lord helped me to see that there is, in fact, no better time to come alongside my sister and cheer her on to the finish line – to encourage her to finish strong – and to keep before her the living Word of the One whose face she’ll soon see.

Do I believe God could still perform a miracle in her body? Absolutely! And I pray for that believing it can happen — but the majority of my prayer time is spent asking that she would sense His presence and love for her in ways words cannot begin to express. In the meantime, I pray the words I can express will assure Shari that her life has made a very real difference in the lives of many and especially so for the Kingdom.

Although it feels a bit strange to share all of this, I do so only because I want to encourage anyone reading this to ask yourself the same question when faced with telling a loved one goodbye: Why Wait?

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