That’s the answer I’ll be anxiously waiting tomorrow when I go to the Orthopedic doc. It’s been years since my knee surgery, but it occasionally still lets me know it requires a little extra attention. So why does it matter? I want to add jogging/running to my exercise regime.

I ran some in high school (not track, just Camelot subdivision loops) and always enjoyed it. Walking an hour a day is still challenging, but I’d love to kick it up a notch and add a bit more variety. Adding Jillian Michael’s circuit training has certainly added a “kick” – but there’s another reason why I’m hoping to hear positive feedback from the doc tomorrow morning. I’d like to sign up for some 5K walks/runs in the area — and perhaps even Disney’s Family 5K in January. For those of you who know me, I hope it didn’t hurt too badly when you hit the floor with that last comment. ha! I’ve simply caught the exercise bug and love it!

My awesome hubster purchased these Brooks running shoes for me (see above!) on Mother’s Day. It was so much fun! He let me pick out whatever pair felt most comfortable and then we topped it off with a tall Java Chip and browse through Barnes and Noble. I felt like a kid in a candy store!

So, will the running shoes stay or will they go (back to Dick’s Sporting for a refund)? I will know by tomorrow. I don’t mind sharing that I will be really bummed if I’m given the “no-go” on running, but I’ll accept it and move on.

Until tomorrow…

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